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“@douglaswils depictions, though comically exaggerated, are essentially accurate not only of Christian culture but of an America in which middle-class suburbia. 1 Jun Evangellyfish Douglas Wilson   What do you get when you mix up a megachurch sex scandal, a Reformed. Evangellyfish has ratings and reviews. Christopher said: Originally, I was leery about reading a novel written by a theologian (i.e. what does To.

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This story supports that simple idea of having “it all together”.

Evangellyfish | Themelios from The Gospel Coalition

What if John Mitchell sinned and had hidden it? I didn’t enjoy this book at all. I guess it’s not satire either. I believe Doug Wilson has done just that. Burrow rated it it was amazing.

They’re virtually indistinguishable from each other aside from their names and religious affiliations. He teaches on confession of sin though we are not told the specifics, the details of which subsequently become evangellyfissh to the atheist secretary. It hurt me reading about what can happen when people run churches only for that straight cash.

The amount of controversy going on within the church seemed unrealistic.

I also struggled with the strangeness of the novel’s cheesy, sentimental bits. There’s really something about Canon Press. Even the most innocent and tangential passersby to the plot are primed with puns and The career of a megachurch-pastor-turned-serial-adulterer implodes, and the buzzards assemble.

I needed to download A dictionary app to complete it although this is not necessarily a con, rather just a struggle for me personally.

Deep to the core of the soul. Bang-on when it comes to affections, Jeeves. Ebangellyfish humor I can take in Wilsonian doses, no fear. I know Canon for its satire and sarcasm, which came through in its sendups of Left Behind Right Behind, in which, if I remember correctly, a raptured evangellygish gets stuck on the ceiling for some reason or another, and all the unsaved kids make point and laugh at him and The Prayer of Jabez called The Mantra of Jabez, whose perspective is clear from the title.


I hesitate to say too much more about the book lest I begin to give away too many details.

Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson –

Author Douglas Wilson paints a portrait of a church so far down the slippery slope that it makes Peyton Place Hey! He pokes fun at just about everything—from the evangelical hypocrisy of treating homosexuality as worse than heterosexual promiscuity, to New Age home birthing, to the emptiness of evangellyfiwh that has sold out to postmodern relevance. I assume this was intentional. Presumably wvangellyfish editor also recognised evangelltfish as a clever line and foolishly printed it on the dust-jacket, unfortunately it lacks much humour outside the context.

Its not particularly cosmopolitan nuanced. So things were swell at Grace Reformed. The book starts with an altercation between the 2 men and the subsequent chapters give us the backstory followed by the outworking of the events that come to light as a result of a false accusation. It seems to me that the book is written to adults who have been Christians for some time, maybe including those immersed in the Western Christian culture.

Minor quibbles out of the way, the story itself is set in an unspecified Midwestern town, and it revolves around a sex scandal involving Chad Lester, senior pastor of the local megachurch, Camel Creek Community.

Miguel, unsure of what to read, remembers a poster of a Californian sunset with Hebrews I do not believe that modesty or judgment are about lines drawn, though I understand lines are eventually drawn. We hope desperately to express the love of Christ because He loved us while we were sinners.

When you mock everything, you don’t really say anything. Humor is about our sense of proportion, and it certainly helps to have humor when what is portrayed is a violation of all sense of proportion. The kind of book where you’ll keep telling yourself, “Just one more chapter Preview — Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Here is what Evangellufish appreciated. Not sure where else. Yes, you read that right: Now, I’m a big Wilson fan. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mar 07, Anna rated it liked it. When Mitchell began as the pastor, …the slow bleed of families away from the church was stopped, the church stabilized for a number of years, and just in the last six months three new evanglelyfish had joined.

It’s possible that the author was surprised too; he seems to have gotten all his derision for the megachurch movement, with its supposed utter disregard for Christian orthodoxy and moral uprightness, out of his system, only to realize he still needed to wrap up a book and affirm that Christians are intimately connected to one another. If you’re like us and could benefit from being encouraged by wise and biblical thoughts, why not sign up now?


You can read the disclaimer and the first chapter here pdf. People hurt us, and we don’t understand. Mar 27, Sarah Wolfe rated it liked it. A really enjoyable read.

He suddenly finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal which is shocking only because this time his accuser is a man. He was simply a hypocritical carnal man. Make no mistake, for any Christian that reads evangellyfjsh book there will be discomfort, and probably a lot. The answer is Evangellyfisha web novel by American author and pastor Doug Wilson.