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Oleg Jefimenko Electrostatic Motors FULL BOOK 75p – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Electrostatic. OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s. Their History, Types, and Principles of Operation —. With many illustrations, of which power electrostatic motors can transfer to demonstrate their usefulness and utilize the by Professor Oleg D. Jefimenko and graduate students in the ‘s.

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As Jefimenko points out, a limiting factor of the corona motor is its required minimum potential of 2, volts.

Jefimenko’s Electrostatic Motors & Heaviside’s Gravitational EM Analogy

When the machine was started by hand, it ran equally well in rlectrostatic direction. I had corrected the imbalance caused by a lump of cement at one end of jefiemnko rotor by adding a counterweight on the opposite side at the opposite end of the cylinder. Simultaneously the electrodes function as shields to prevent the neutralization of the electret by free ions. When the rotor was balanced and power was applied, the motor immediately came up to speed, but it shook violently.

The electrodes set up what physicists call a corona discharge; their sharp edges ionize air molecules that come in contact with them.

A Leyden jar is a primitive form of the modern high-voltage capacitor. As Jefimenko explains, the electrostatkc can be increased by adding both moving and fixed electrodes.

Those who build the machine may discover, as I did, that the most difficult part of the project, balancing the rotor, is encountered after assembly. The energy of the field can be tapped with a simple antenna in the form of a vertical wire that carries one sharp point or more electroetatic its upper end.

A moment later, we lost count. Do not connect the antenna to an insulated object of substantial size, such as an automobile. It was a great feeling. Never fly it below clouds or leave it aloft unattended. Thus the thimbles were simultaneously pushed and pulled by the high-voltage terminals exactly as was needed to accelerate the wheel.


The motor can be made self-starting and unidirectional by slanting the knife-edges. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For example, it is expected that a motor one meter on a side will provide a power of one megawatt and weigh kg or less. Unshielded electrets attract neutralizing ions from the air and lose their charge within hours or days.

Then we noticed that the disk always stopped with one side down. The rotor was thus constructed much like a modern flat-plate capacitor. To form the points I chucked the shaft in an electric hand drill, ground the metal against an oilstone and polished the resulting pivots against a wood lap coated with tripoli. Two oppositely charged leyden jars — high voltage capacitors — were so placed that the thimbles on the rotating spokes barely missed the knobs on the jars see photo.

He received his Ph. Why not tap the field to supplement conventional energy resources? The machine consisted of an uncoated disk of glass that rotated in the vertical plane on low-friction bearings between opposing crosses of ebonite.

But nobody really showed much interest until Dr Jefimenko came on the scene. Almost the entire surface of the glass acquired a coating of either positive or negative fixed charges, depending on the polarity of the combs. Jefimenko posits the following Generalized Theory of Gravitation. Jefimenko worked for the development of the theory of electromagnetic retardation and relativity. Some experimenters substitute Halowax for the rosin.

As the thimbles grazed that jar, a spark would again transfer charge, which was of opposite polarity. These books have some amazing advanced thinking in the understanding of Maxwell and EM. Thereafter a spark would jump from the high-voltage terminal to each passing thimble and impart to it a charge of the same polarity as that of the terminal.


Incidentally, that funny smell is ozone. Franklin was incredibly lucky to have survived his celebrated kite experiment. The dynamic balancing, which is achieved largely by cut-and-try methods, took about as much time as the remainder of the construction.

Anything that is available online has been referenced. Inhe was awarded the Sigma Xi Prize. On the night of Sept. You are commenting using your WordPress. A strip of plastic is placed between sets of knife-edge electrodes slanted to initiate motion in the desired direction. The working surface of the rotors should be made of a fairly thin plastic, such as Plexiglas or Mylar.

One design consists of an electret in the shape of a wafer-thin sheet of Mylar supported by a flat disk of balsa wood millimeters in diameter and three millimeters thick. Pohl, displayed two yard-square metal plates mounted on the end of a pole. Jefimenko puts on an impressive demonstration. A recipe for an effective electret material is 45 percent carnauba wax, 45 percent water-white rosin and 10 percent white beeswax.

Then plan one from scratch.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

Six radially directed needle points elevtrostatic the rim of the disk at equal intervals. Jefimenko has worked for the development of the theory of electromagnetic retardation and relativity.

When opposing combs on opposite sides of the glass were charged in opposite polarity to potentials in excess of 2, volts, air in the vicinity of the points on both sides of the glass was ionized.