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Modero, Nxdvi • Read online or download PDF • AMX Modero NXDVi User Manual. View and Download AMX NXDVi operation/reference manual online. 10” Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel with Intercom. NXDVi Touch Panel . Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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For example, a Current Key string generated anywhere else will not match those created on Modero pan- els.

Tef The result sent to the Master would be: Wireless Settings Page EAP technology some of which require the upload of unique certificate files to a target panel. The result sent to Master would be: Connecting and Using Input Dev Launch NetLinx Studio 2.

Select either option to access nxd1-000vi page.

10″ Modero Touch Panels

Page 35 – Step 3: Indicates the panel is redialing the number. Server, also known as a Radius server.

Pops up the Keypad and initializes the text string ”. Client Certificate Configuration Format is: Items in Cache Flash The number of images that are currently stored in the Flash cache. Bcf The result sent to Master would be: Creating Intercom Pages The easiest method of creating your own intercom pages is to start with the pages provided by AMX in the module download. Ring and the outer surface of the Faceplate. Bln onto the OFF state border, font, Text, bitmap, icon, fill color and text color of the button with a variable text address of To complete the upgrade process, either upgrade the remaining wireless card Step 3 or close and re- secure the enclosure using the procedures in Step 3: Eap-leap Settings Server, also known as a Radius server.


A left-mouse click on the computer-displayed panel page equates to an actual touch on the target G4 panel page. This field is optional.

Select any option to access its page. All status information is located in the Image Cache Status section of the page.

AMX Nxd-1000vi 10″ Modero Wall Mount Touch Panel

Responses Received The number of responses the panel has received from the master. Refer to the Appendix B – Wireless Technology section on page 1 for more further information.

Answering An Incoming Call Answer – Zmx this button opens the intercom session with the other panel. Small timeout values increase the life of the battery charge. Using this method causes network packets to be sent out as unencrypted text. Opens a keypad that is used to set and display the current device number. Appendix D – Wireless Technology Bmp Gets the button ‘OFF state’ opacity information.

For searching purposes, the module manufacturer is AMX and the model is Intercom. Although the calculations required to encrypt data with WEP can impact the performance of your wireless network, nxd-10000vi generally seen only when running benchmarks, and not large enough to be noticeable in the course of normal network usage. Input Mask Ranges If a user enters a value that is larger than the max, the maximum number of right-most characters is used to create a new, acceptable value.


Page 14 Step 1: